SWEET AVENUE is operating in the production and trade of high-quality hand-made confectionary.

SWEET AVENUE was created as a company intended to meet in the best way the requirements of its clients, providing services and products of exquisite quality.

The creation of SWEET AVENUE has been the first step of the company in producing and trading high-quality sweets for all professionals in the food service industry and the HORECA sector.

From the very start, the company set its standards very high, having realized the professionals' need for a reliable high-quality range of sweets which play a key role in their everyday work.

A reliable high-quality dessert, being the last - and thus most important - impression of a meal, can certainly give your clients a good reason to come back soon to your establishment.

With all this in mind, we had no other choice but to use the best raw materials, to engage the proper chef to supervise the overall enterprise, and, finally, to find the best solution to provide professionals with products in excellent condition.

Therefore, the company has quickly made great progress in a tough and demanding sector, while constantly exploring innovative solutions for the food service industry.

tel. +30 210 6666 511 - fax +30 210 6666 512