The philosophy behind SWEET AVENUE confectionary is based on our desire to serve in the best possible way our customers - food industry professionals. So, we had to consider the issue of product handling to eliminate the problem of expiration of stock, which troubles professionals so much.

Our sweets are produced according to the fresh-frozen method: products are frozen right after their preparation, thus assuring their taste and desirable quality, since freezing conditions prevent the sweets from deteriorating during transport and storage due to temperature variations, as is the case with fresh products.

The excellent raw material we use, and the know-how and experience of our company guarantees top quality, reliability and stability for all our customers.

Our sweets are delivered frozen and are divided into two categories: warm and cold.

Products of both categories are stored in the freezer and can be defrost at any time, knowing that, after defrosting, they can be kept in refrigeration conditions (i.e. 3° - 5°C) for a period of time varying between different products (4-8 days), as indicated on the package.

The detailed presentation of our sweets provides particular information about each product you might be interested in:

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